5 things you must change about modern dating

Bhavik Sarkhedi
2 min readJan 25, 2017

You swipe and oh! That’s a match! Modern dating has definitely changed and underwent a makeover. We no longer believe in changing glances because we are too keen on exchanging the numbers. The stolen kisses and pretty goodbyes no longer excite us after all the regular tick-tock of messages keep us busy. We hop over one and choose another. We constantly run to look for something better, more beautiful, more perfect, nicer, and bang! We ultimate leave ourselves alone.

Why is it so? Why are we always on run? What is it about modern dating style that needs to be changed?

1. Choices and choices — We have ample of choices at our disposal. The guy working with you, the friend who is more of friends with benefits, your tinder match and the options are endless. Whenever the right person comes we don’t stop rather we are on a never-ending hollow hunt of finding someone better than the previous.

2. Feelings? Shuts-the-door — The modern dating system scares you. Whenever we get the butterflies popping in the stomach we flush them. We are scared of getting vulnerable. We are afraid that bearing feelings are equivalent to being weak. Whenever we realise that someone is breaking and crumbling walls, we snap at them and distant as much as we can.

3. The forgotten patience — Initially things look sugary. We enjoy the fairytale romance. But, as the honeymoon period of any relationship ends we wither along with the faded relationship. We hold no patience at all. When things crumble down, instead of sticking to the person we try distancing ourselves from all the troubles. We are not ready to take the battles. We don’t roll our sleeves for someone anymore.

4. More into games — “Perhaps texting him would make me look desperate?” A simple ‘I miss you’ from our side is well thought and analysed. Modern dating never values feelings because we are always on the manipulative side. We no longer wear our hearts on our sleeves rather it is caged deep within. We portray that we are hard to get while in fact, we miss the person ever millisecond. The modern dating lacks the value of love and feeling that once cherished for the lifetime.

5. Tussle of love and lust — While having sex before marriage is totally normal yet, doing it on the very first date sends the whole point of dating to a wrong direction. The modern dating style is loaded with hook ups and individuals who are sex-starved. We don’t value conversations or deep talks. We value nothing at all.

Most importantly this modern dating saga lacks the ability to make us hang on to the person no matter what. We no longer bother to sit under the sky and go on long drives or even visit the coffee shops because our major focus lies on the bed and between the sheets. Once the flesh trade is done, we move on in the hunt of another human like bed mate who would entertain our fantasies but wouldn’t dare to dream.

Bhavik Sarkhedi

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