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Verified, Surveyed and Officially Updated — These are best blog writing services in India.


How will you digitally record your daily blog? How will you share your point of view on various things across the world with just one tap on your keyboard? The concept of a blog answers all these questions. A blog is the short term of the word ‘Weblog’. Weblogs were supposed to be the daily log for people to share their daily lives. It is proven to be a useful technological concept for early internet users for daily journaling. As time passed by, the concept of blog shifted from its original concept. Blog writing is extensively used by entrepreneurs, budding businesses, and organizations as a source of promotion of their services. It is used as an efficient marketing tactic.

People often tend to get confused between the terms “website” and “blog”. A blog is a kind of website where the content is presented in a reverse chronological order i.e., the newest content gets featured at the top followed by the older ones at the bottom. It is updated with the latest content at regular intervals of time. The website is often static. The uploaded content is not updated at regular intervals of time. It does not necessarily mean that the latest content is not uploaded at all. It is uploaded but seldom times. Websites consist of multiple pages where content is divided and featured uniformly. It is a form of one-way communication whereas a blog is a means of two-way communication.


Blogging consists of featuring or uploading the latest content on the website at regular intervals. A technology-friendly person can build their website primarily for blogging. This requires extensive knowledge in the field of HTML language. Ones who lack enough knowledge for building a website can always create a free account on famous sites like WordPress, Blogger, and so on. A very useful feature that can be used while blogging is interlinking. Interlinking happens when a person links with another person through the medium of his blog. This can be done by mentioning other bloggers as an example or recommendation in one’s blog.


Earning through the medium of blogging depends on many factors. Factors such as consistency of blogging, how much traffic you get per day, personal network, digital marketing methods, personal motivation, and goals affect how much you can earn via blogging. Just like any other profession, the earning range varies widely. It depends on your proficiency level of blogging too. A beginner will earn comparatively lesser than an intermediate or a professional. With the right amount of investment in time, dedication, and creativity, any blogger can earn profitably by blogging.

Ways of earning while blogging-

1. Ad networks such as Google AdSense- using advertisement networks is a common way of monetizing your blog. You will have to get approval from AdSense for availing of the same. Getting approval from these Ad networks requires consistency in bringing traffic to the page. The advertisements showcase high-quality relevant ads related to your blog’s content.

2. Affiliate marketing- is another method of advertising where an online merchant or retailer pays commission for generating traffic. It is one of the most successful methods for generating revenue. A single sale brings in more revenue than a single click on a contextual ad.

3. Digital marketing- there are various forms of digital marketing for increasing traffic. It has a wider reach and increases expansion geographically.

4. Sponsored posts- writing about sponsored products is an innovative way of marketing. It increases the reach, opens options for collaborations, and most importantly, is a great way to earn money effortlessly.

5. Paid reviews- this method is considered highly debatable by the bloggers. Doing paid reviews is profitable until the context sits with your blog’s niche. The review should be useful for the audience. Paid requests for reviewing products and service is a great way of earning money through blogging.

6. Native advertising- is one of the leading methods of earning revenue. This way of advertisement goes great with news and jobs related blogs.

7. Sell products digitally- selling products via blogs is another innovative way of merging e-commerce and blogging together. This method will mostly work great for lifestyle bloggers. Make sure the product you are trying to sell sits in sync with the niche of your blog.

8. Offer skill-based services- offering services relevant to the skills you already possess is a progressive way of earning. This helps in increasing your exposure to the related field as well as help in creating a good revenue system. Hence, it can be a win-win situation for you.


Blogging acts as a feasible way for building the right kind of traffic for your business, enhance marketing schemes, and bring in possible collaborations too. Few ways by which blogging helps in business are listed below-

1. Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- whenever the latest content is being uploaded at a constant rate on the internet, search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing add the latest content to their index. This increases the probability of the content appearing once a search with relevant keywords has been made. This is possible only if the most searched keywords are included in the content.

2. Building new relations and strengthening the existing ones- blogging attracts a wide range of audiences. Thus, helps in building new relations. Whenever a business or an enterprise curates the latest content constantly, it increases the engagement of former clients too. It also opens multiple windows of opportunities. Hence, it helps in building and keeping connections.

3. Hones your skills- writing crisp, informative, and creative content regularly helps in showcasing your abilities and experience in the given field. This increases the rate of inquiries and boosts conversation rates at the same time.

4. Create Brand Awareness- this gives personality and specialty to your business. Public engagement creates more brand awareness. Blogging allows adding a unique touch to your business. Adding a few personal references help in increasing the relatability factor of your blog.

5. Opportunities to share- one of the most efficient features is that it creates a link to share your blog with people. This increases marketing exponentially and maximizes the traffic on the page.


1. Improves writing skills

2. Increases language proficiency

3. Builds network

4. Proclaim as an expert

5. Increases business and job opportunities

6. Aids in selling more products

7. Provides freedom of expression


Blog writing services provide professional blog writers who have the required experience in this field. Blog writing services in India have always been in excessive demand. The need for creating satisfactory content can never go out of demand. As long as there is a need, blog writing services will keep on flourishing. These blog writing services guarantee to provide satisfactory service within the deadline. The foundation of their overall efficient performance is their professional blog writers, and the communication skills they build with their clients. A professional resume writer will have the necessary skills, such as creativity, precision, a good hand with words, professionalism, and deduction skills. You can find a wide range of blog writing services in India. The main task is finding the best blog writing service.


Running a business requires plenty of investment in the form of time and dedication. One probably will not have the energy to create content for the blog regularly. It is not entirely possible to be sufficiently staffed for blogging. It requires 11 blogs on an average per month to increase traffic on your page. Blog writing services are proven to be an ideal solution to these problems.


1. Look for companies with great reviews and credible working experience.

2. Consider appraised writers with a good hold on blog writing. Make sure you ask for their previous work. Analyze them accordingly.

3. Look for bloggers belonging to your niche

4. Make sure the company is certified and gives a guarantee for satisfactory service

5. Make sure they build strong communication with. Your requirements should be heard and considered.

6. Make sure they deliver the content on time.


1. Write Right- found by Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi, this company has always stood up to its hype. Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi is currently one of the best content writers in the world. An award-winning advertising company that knows no limits when it comes to providing service, is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Bhavik Sarkhedi has successfully gathered and created his team of exceptional professional content writers. His professional blog writers have high expertise for providing hundred percent plagiarism-free content within the stipulated period.

Services- Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Creative Writing, Slogan Writing, Resume Writing, Ghost-writing, PPC Management, Guest Content Posting, Link Building Solutions, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Social Media Marketing, SOP writing.

Area of expertise- blog writing services, SOP writing, digital marketing, resume writing, Search Engine Optimization

Testimonials- Write Right delivers excellent content for websites and blogs within their clients ‘ requested time frame. Their content is crafted carefully by professional blog writers to increase engagement — one of the reasons they make it to this list.

Clutch rating- 4.8 out of 5


Contact information-

2. Estorytellers- is currently one of the top 5 content writing and major blog writing companies in India. It is a subsidiary of Write Right, found by Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi. They live up to the demands of their clients. Providing supreme client service is their priority and they never compromise with the same. The foundation of this company like any efficient blog writing service is its team of professional blog writers.

Services- Statement of Purpose writing, Blog writing, Copywriting, Creative writing, Website content, Translation services, Social media writing, Technical writing, Resume building, Generic content writing. Brand content writing, Email writing, Ghost-writing service, Small business blogging

Area of Expertise- blog writing services, copywriting, resume building, Search Engine Optimization

Testimonial- this content writing service provider is one of the most talented contents writing teams I have had in my company. Striving and thriving to accomplish the given task, he is ingenious in what he does with the words. Now that he has made it on his own, it is going to be better. — Prateek Kanada, CEO of 360 Technosoft

Client rating- 4.9 out of 5


Contact information-

3. Taletel- this company manages both internal and external content writers. They are the most sensible choice for accomplishing short-term goals for the business. This company provides a wide range of services by their team of professional content writers, especially blog writers.

Services- Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Creative Writing, Slogan Writing, Resume Writing, Ghost-writing, PPC Management, Guest Content Posting, Link Building Solutions, Online Reputation Management (ORM), digital Marketing, SOP writing.

Area of expertise- Blog writing services, Search Engine Optimization, Statement of Purpose writing

Testimonial- Taletel is one of the best content writing and mostly SOP writing services providers. It’s new but up-and-coming. — Prateek Kanada, CEO of 360 Technosoft

If you’re finding an expert SOP writing agency or essay writing agency, your search stops here. — Akshay Makadiya, Founder of Ranklane

Clutch ratings- 4.7 out of 5


Contact information-

4. Marketing Bunnies- is one of the leading content writing agencies which has a vast range of clients from countries such as India, the U.K, the U.S.A., Singapore, Israel, and many more. They have an outstanding experience of 12 years working in this domain. They hire well-versed professional blog writers who have great communication skills and extraordinary writing skills.

Services- On-site SEO for Websites, Off-Site SEO, Article Content Writing, Web Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Content Writing, Email Marketing Campaigns, among the top Digital Marketing Agencies India, Press Release Content Development, Technical Content Writing, Newsletter Writing, Landing Page Content Writing, Lead Generation, Ad Copywriting, Ghost-writing Services, Guest Blogging.

Area of Expertise- Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Article Writing, Review Writing

Testimonial- Marketing Bunnies has been a great experience concerning content marketing. Always on point, excellent research work, and always there with something new to help promote your brand. Overall, I like working with them as I can rest assured about the content and focus on other aspects. Great service. Kudos!

5. Kalam Kagaz - is one of the best options for brand building. They provide a wide range of services which include app development, website designing, and so on. They have an efficient team of professional blog writers which increases their preference among clients.

Services- Online Reputation Management (ORM), Pay Per Click Services (PPC), SEO Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Digital Films, Brand Strategy, Newsletter Writing, Press Release Writing, Case Study, Copywriting, Product Reviews.

Area of Expertise- Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Development

Client Review- I’m using the service of these guys for the past 9 days and I’m already seeing improvement in the Google ranking of our business. They are hardworking and honest. Keep up the great work you’re doing!!



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