Are we kind or becoming more cruel and violent? If so why?

Bhavik Sarkhedi
5 min readJul 13, 2020

Seventy thousand years ago, human was so simple like other animals. Later, human has become the ruler of the entire world and a threat to the world’s ecosystem. Today, on the threshold of human is determined not only to consume the eternal youth, but also to control the divine powers of creation and destruction.

Harsh but true, even after ruling the world for so long, humans have not been able to do much that we can be proud of. Throughout the time humans have learned about the environment around them, increased food production, built empires; expansive business areas. But, has all this work been able to alleviate human suffering and in the world? At different times in history, the immense power acquired by human has brought tears and destruction to human and nature. Human’s own mentality has not improved much, but the lives of other animals have become increasingly miserable because of humans. While humans have the ability to do wonderful things, but unfortunately they do not know exactly what their goals are, and the reason of this isolation. Humans are more powerful today than at any other time, but the frightening fact is that now humans are far more irresponsible than ever before.

Better not to forget, kind people are also here. But the number of cruel people in the world is not small at all. if it is seen that unscrupulous cruel people are rising to the top of power with one success after another and honest hearted people are being trampled underfoot, then it is a matter of concern. We can see the success of such rich and famous ruthless people at every level of our society. Even though human beings are the best creatures of creation, today there is not the slightest bit of love and affection among them. Greed is calling for defeat. People have lost a sense of humanity.

The world is a difficult place. There are some snags in the way human life goes. Which cannot be avoided. People become cruel inside, sometimes very kind. This dual thinking game goes on with the mind which we do not understand. Thoughts come to mind that cannot be expressed, which we keep in the mind. Conscience doesn’t work for anyone now. People who are known to be innocent suddenly cause heartbreaking incidents.

The presence of cruelty is not only in reality, but also in imagination. The kind of TV series and movies we watch all the time are glorifying the cruel characters. The influence of literature on culture is deadly. There was a time when the creators of art understood very well the difference between good and bad, kind and cruel. That is why this difference was evident in the fictional story. People have been fans of the story since ancient times. When we think of success in life, we often think of cruel characters.

There is only one way to be good, but there are many ways to be bad. Psychologists have found the presence of three common symptoms in most selfish and cruel people:

Machiavellianism : Machiavellianism is the ability to subdue something with cruelty.

Narcissism : Narcissism is about selfishness or self-centeredness.

Psychopathy : A mixture of emotions and indifference and a tendency to work dangerously.

If these three evil symptoms come together inside a person, then the person becomes insidious, arrogant and cruel. However, in most cases the presence of any one symptom, of these three is much higher in some but the rest are absent.

Machiavellianism is more associated with success. People who have this kind of subjugation tend to get to the top very easily. Anyone who is able to pull the strings of other people by using unauthorized power.

Narcissistic people can make a very good impression on others. Which is why they are able to easily convince their co-workers or superiors that they are really important and deserving of special privileges. ‘

Psychopathy is more prevalent among the executives of big companies than the common people. The reason behind this is that running an office requires some people to be cold, rigid.

As far as can be seen, these people are really ahead in success. Though they will lose on the other side. For example, if these kind of persons think that cruel selfish people are the real successful people and should be followed — then they don’t need to know and think about anything else. They don’t even bother to know that a simple and kind hearted person with down to earth thinking may not make a lot of money in life, but what he can achieve is peace, within his good deeds. For those who think materialistically, happiness is a matter of opulence for them. Because according to them wealth is contentment. It is true that ambition with dishonesty and cruelty will take people a long way, but in the end it will never take the place of genuine talent and honesty.

We are now living in a time of ruthlessness. To evanesce this fiendish influence, everyone needs to understand the situation rather than blaming each other for this problem. It is necessary to raise the voice of the need for the kind people in today’s selfish and consumerist civilization. The places of responsibility should not be forgotten. We can do much better with a little encouragement when we get used to it, many big obstacles can be overcome. Being born as a human being, everyone has some responsibilities. This responsibility is towards the society, nation and family. If we want to survive as human beings, we need to have the sense of humanity. When humanity ends, there is nothing left. It is not difficult to be kind, be sympathetic to the person next to us. Kindness is a sign of greatness, we have known this for a long time and we know that there is no substitute for mercy in making this world livable. So there is nothing greater than the service of humanity.

This is written by Sanchari Mitra



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