Are you listening? Of course, not! The content chaos is so noisy.

The content. The Content. THE Content. THE CONTENT. the CONTENT.

What the hell is that? Same thing written differently. Yes, even before OpenAi launched the world-shackling product ‘ChatGPT’, everyone was doing paraphrasing, rewriting and mostly copying content.

The forms of distribution are many: Audio, text, visual (graphics) and video. The supply-demand chain was already hampered with the increasing number of content creators and bloggers and writers and Youtubers and Tiktokers increasing at Godspeed and the demand hadn’t seen the spike.

The chaos had started. But, humans had limitations, physically and mentally, so they sometimes took rest and sometimes they took a pause.

At least, few were listeners, somebody was listening, right?

But dear lord, as soon as the inception of ChatGPT like ‘Ai Writers’ tools occurred, the creators and chaos increased and doubled, tripled and quadrupled, but listeners? Well, I am sure, there are none now.

Social media platforms like Twitter, and now even Meta has joined the race of providing creators that egoistic ‘Blue Tick Mark’ in exchange of some bucks, so now, any Tom Dick or Harry thinks ‘I am a creator. I am a writer. I am a storyteller. I can create YouTube videos too. I will create reels. I will be an addition to the traffic in supply chain.’

The internet is at a dirt cheap cost. The technology is moving so fast that everyday, something is changing, few things are getting replaced and most of them are getting extinct.

Are you listening?Did you find time to even read this? How would you? How could you? Aren’t you occupied in either from the following:

Scrolling endless Instagram / YT reels

Pursuing an online course whose ad you saw on Facebook or Linkedin

Paraphrasing the existing content using the tool ChatGPT

Exaggerating in Twitter of LinkedIn posts to showoff ‘Something’

A sneak peek into the future of Listener-Speaker Argument

I am really considered. Why? Because I know one thing. Without being an avid reader, you can’t be a pro writer. Thus, without listening to original and real and authentic stories, you can’t be a speaker, creator, distributor.

When there is no one to listen to, why would anyone (creator/speaker) think of focusing on the quality? Would they? Would you? If you already know that in tomorrow’s event where you are the host and the audience that are attending are illiterate people, would you even care to rehearse your lines?

My point is: There is too much content everywhere. I haven’t even started talking about OTT, forget about the theatrical releases. The shitty web series and vomit-y movies makes us remember the ‘Old is Gold’ movies and TV series that had some purpose and some mission because there were listeners and readers.

Today, the access, the gates, the entry doors are everywhere. Anyone can do anything. That’s actually a good thing but then it’s another side of the coin.

The content quality is falling. AI can write stories, scripts, novels. The writers are getting paid lesser and lesser everyday. And I am scared that one day it might be possible that the world won’t need ‘writers’, because you see everyone would be like ‘We have AI’. Of course, even the actors might be replaced then, the singers maybe, next.

10 Years Down The Line, It’s Going to be ‘Black Mirror Season Finale’

Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash

I am a speaker. Are you a listener? Did you get what I said? Did you read the whole post? or you pasted the whole content into AI and asked it to summarise?

I am a writer. Are you reading now? Did you get the journey? The destination is, was, will and have been clear since day 1. It was the journey I wrote for my readers. Did you understand or did you ask AI to give the gist or crux of the book?

I am a screenwriter. Did you know I worked hard on this script? The dialogues were thoughtfully written by me with emotions, not emoticons. Did you feel it? or did you 2x the button and skipped to the main part?

Are you listening? Really? The World is NOT. Are you?



Bhavik Sarkhedi | Personal Branding Consultant

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