Best Resume Writing Services at your Finger tips in 2022


In today’s generation of ever-increasing competition and evolving lifestyles, the requirement for jobs is increasing at a faster pace than expected. Hundreds of candidates compete for a job position, especially in India. This creates a need for showcasing one’s skills, accomplishments, experience in a specific field, and education in a professional, compact and simplified manner.

A resume is a formal document that enlists an individual’s work experience, skills, accomplishments, and education. It summarises the whole professional life of an individual and helps in presenting it to the employers. It is highly necessary to build an updated and concise resume for fetching good opportunities at the work front. The purpose of a resume is not only to provide an overall professional history but also to convince the employer that the candidate is worth being employed.

A resume comprises of following sections-

1. Contact information- mention necessary contact details such as contact number, email ID, full name, address, up to date LinkedIn profile.

2. Introduction- provide a concise summary of work experience as well as the mastered skills. Try to keep it highly formal and cover all the necessary points.

3. Education- add qualifications from the very basic to the highest degree earned along with GPA/percentage earned.

4. Experience- this consists of enlistment of previous work experience along with the necessary skills used in those workplaces. Try to set the tone of this section as professional as possible.

5. Skills and accomplishments- mention all the skills that are necessary for fetching any desired job position. Don’t forget to include both hard skills as well as soft skills. It makes an individual look like a well-rounded candidate.

It’s a common misconception that resumes can be written in just one format. There are various types of resumes, that caters the need on an individual. They are-

1. Chronological resume- It starts with a strong introduction of an individual, followed by the enlistment of professional history in reverse chronological order i.e., the latest position will be at the top. It is the most extensively used resume format. It lays out the entire working experience in order.

2. Functional resume- this type of resume focuses more on the skills and abilities of an individual, rather than working experience. It’s usually preferred by individuals who have a significant gap in their work history or have less/insignificant work experience.

3. Targeted resume- this type of resume is specially designed according to the job position individual desires to apply for. It enlists the skills that are purely required for fulfilling the job position. This increases the chances of an individual fetching it.

4. Combination resume- this resume type combines the best attributes of a functional and chronological resume. This helps in highlighting both, work experience and necessary skills. It is highly preferred by individuals who have impressive work experience along with a strong skill set.

Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing


1. Keep on updating your resume

2. Summarize your technical skills

3. It’s important to highlight the achievements

4. Proofreading is important

5. Starting and leaving month and year for previous work experiences are sufficient. It’s not necessary to mention the exact date if it’s hard to recall.


1. Don’t provide reasons for leaving previous job positions in the resume. do share once asked during the interview.

2. Don’t share highly personal information such as height, photo, marital status, and so on

3. Don’t complicate the overall design and format of the resume. Try to keep it clean and easy to read.

Building a great resume is a cumbersome task, as it needs efficient writing skills, along with organizational and presentation skills. Keeping the above points in mind while creating a resume can be difficult too. To make this task relatively easier for candidates, resume writing services are running successfully in India. These resume writing services hire professional resume writers who help in fulfilling the specific needs of the clients.


A resume writing service hires professional resume writers who review, revisit and structure resumes for people. Interested candidates pay a nominal amount of fee for either updating their current resume or creating a new resume for them. These resume writing services help in accelerating the process of job hunting mega folds for an individual. They offer different features to the candidates.

Resume writing services mainly comprise of following components-

1. They gather a relatively large number of professional resume writers with expertise in their specific areas. They bring out the best version of a candidate in the resume.

2. They analyze and review the candidate’s resume for free.

3. They give you opportunities to fill them up with the candidate’s goals, needs, and what they want.

4. They use the Application Tracking System (ATS) for using the most preferred keywords for making a resume worth the while for the employer.

5. They guarantee satisfaction and never fail to provide a customer-friendly environment.

Lack of commendable writing skills, summarising skills and time encourages an individual to seek out resume writing services. they help in improvising the whole process of creating a great resume.


Resume writing services are determined in reducing the task for their clients and provide them with a highly professional, concise, and abstract resume that is, specially tailored for every individual. These professional resume writers analyze the strongest points of a candidate and tailor the resume according to the most favorable format, style, and so on. The fee is nominal as compared to the level of convenience provided. These professional resume writers simplify the process of starting from scratch and reaching the final product.

7 reasons why resume writing services can be highly reliable-

1. Provides a well-drafted resume

2. They deliver the overall purpose

3. They deliver quality writing

4. They perform multifunctional roles

5. Can handle problems efficiently

6. Explains a candidate’s background with accuracy

7. Helps in displaying confidence

There are numerous resume writing services operational in India. This tends to increase the choices for an individual to choose one. It is necessary to distinguish between these resume writing services and find the best ones of the lot. By doing this, an individual is guaranteed to receive the satisfaction and the resume they desired for. The capability of a resume writing service depends on the proficiency of their professional resume writers. It also depends on the fact that they use the latest technologies such as ATS or not. The following points can help an individual in choosing the best resume writing service-

1. Experienced professional resume writers- the foundation of a resume writing service is laid by its professional resume writers. It is necessary to look for a professional resume writer with considerable experience, creativity, and critical thinking. Do a background check of the resume writers. Look for titles such as Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), Master Resume Writer (MRW), and National Certified Resume Writer (NCRW). These titles show how experienced and trained a resume writer is. This is important because layman knowledge should not be portrayed in a resume.

2. Look for professional websites- professionally designed websites indicate that a company is not beating around a bush. Fees, packages and resume writing process should be mentioned on the website. It should not be time-consuming for the customer to look for these factors. Don’t fall for resume writing services that do not rightfully disclose necessary information.

3. Using ATS technology- Application Tracking System (ATS) helps in detecting keywords and phrases that are often looked at by the employers in a resume. Hence, using these phrases and keywords increases the probability of being selected or shortlisted for the applied position. Well, the thought of resume writing services includes these keywords and phrases detected by the ATS.

4. Looking for certification of a company- resume writing services consist of sets of rules and regulations that are granted and affiliated by resume writing organizations. Certification indicates that the holder has completed specific courses in this field, and is dedicated enough to grow further. It acts as proof that the experience a holder is claiming, is valid and has skills along with service delivery that is expected from a professional resume writer.

5. Don’t forget to read reviews online- make sure you look for recommendations and references on the website of the resume writing service you are looking for. You can use search engines such as google chrome for finding reviews and recommendations.

6. Look for a guarantee of product satisfaction- getting a guarantee is necessary as it guarantees that their work will be up to your level of expectations, and will satisfy you with the final product.

7. Look at their portfolio or previous work samples- ask for the resume writing service’s work portfolio or previous work samples. This will help to give you an idea about their quality of work.

8. Strong communication establishment- after shortlisting potential resume writing services, talk to the potential professional resume writers for making sure that you feel comfortable while communicating.


1. Write Right- they offer wide varieties of resume formats that can be customized according to the customer’s wish even after coming up with the final product. They provide certified professional resume writers who can make a resume pop out of the rest. Their choice of keywords is on par for making the resume stand out. The stipulated time given by recruiters to each resume is usually 10 seconds. This is often known as 10 seconds rule. Write Right resume writing services make the resume stand out within those 10 seconds. They charge nominally as compared to the services provided.

Clutch rating- 4.8 out of 5


Contact information-

2. Estorytellers- they have a great bunch of versatile and creative professional resume writers. They can improvise an existing resume and make it look efficient, tailor a resume based on the customer’s needs purely. They use accurate keywords that can impress recruiters.

Client rating- 4.9 out of 5


Contact information-

3. Taletel- they provide professional resume writers who analyze prerequisites in every case and never fail to showcase one’s skills, notable accomplishments, and strengths in the best way possible. They take on constructive criticism well and never fail to live up to expectations, just like the above two resume writing services.

Clutch ratings- 4.7 out of 5


Contact information-

4. Kalam Kagaz - they provide various offers on resumes, a LinkedIn profile builds up, and many more. Their professional resume writers make them known among people in this arena. They showcase promising work and come up with a guarantee of providing satisfaction with their services.


Contact information-

5. Bloggism - they build a CV based on templates and don’t prioritize the cost. They aim for providing the best services and are highly professional. They provide pleasant readability for recruiters. They use the latest keywords for making every resume unique.


6. Mentorrd- they provide a resume well updated with keywords, has skills and accomplishments well mentioned. Their professional resume writers provide resumes that meet certain standards and increases the chances of getting employed.


Contact information-

7. Resume Master- they provide the various feature and make the whole process of professional resume writing service easier. they deal with all the resume types with proficiency and use them according to one’s strengths.


Contact information-


To sum it up, finding a resume writing service in India can be done in a matter of seconds. But, finding one of the best resume writing services requires research and reading between the lines, luckily, we made this hunt easier for you!

Don’t forget to go for resume writing services that provide professional resume writers, are certified, and are promising at their work. Don’t hesitate from opening up about your requirements and your vision about your CV or resume. If any resume writing service is not able to maintain a healthy relationship, it’s time to look for another service. Make sure you read the reviews about a particular resume writing service before contacting them.

It is necessary for every resume writing service to use ATS i.e., Application Tracking System as it updates every resume with the keywords that are most looked for. This brings us to the last and final point, prefer a resume writing service that utilizes ATS and provides the appropriate keywords for your resume! These are the top rated ATS friendly affordable resume writing services in India for 2022



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