Here’s How I Got Published In The New York Times (Web and Print)

Hey, guess what? My story just got featured in the ‘Times of India’. Yeah, back in college, 2013. Huge deal for me, seriously.

More than just seeing my words in print. It was like, my dream coming to life, right there in black and white. Felt electric, man!

You know, it wasn’t just about getting published.

It was like the world was saying, “You’ve got this.” Felt amazing.

Fast forward a decade, and bam! A decade, yes, dreams come true (after decades :D :D)

My short story’s in the ‘New York Times’. Can you believe it? It’s like… trying to bottle a dream. Started in India, now hitting New York — it’s crazy!

Honestly, it feels like I’ve touched the sky. From India to New York, what a journey, right? Every word I wrote, every little step, it was all leading here.

It’s not just hard work paying off. It’s like a dance with destiny and dedication. And let me tell you, to all the writers out there — every word matters. Build those dreams.

Because this feeling?

Indescribable. Elation, gratitude, fulfillment. All those sleepless nights, every rejection — they led me here.

Seeing my story in the ‘New York Times’? It’s not just about me. It’s about the power of dreams, man. A cocktail of joy, overwhelming gratitude, and achievement. Every hard moment, every little win — all part of the journey.

Oh, and during all this? Started my personal writing journey with ‘’. Began with my blog, then onto Medium, LinkedIn… you know, spreading words and thoughts.

Then, created my own agency, Write Right, and Dad of Ad. A place for creativity to flow. Wrote eight books too, each one a piece of my heart.

Writing’s been my anchor through all this. My solace, my drive. It’s been the thread linking every part of my journey.

So yeah, from ‘Times of India’ to the ‘New York Times’ — it’s more than moving from one big name to another. It’s a story of dreams becoming real. Stories that know no borders, that travel and transcend.

Before you dive into this, let me be upfront: what you’re about to read isn’t groundbreaking or radically different from the other guides out there. But here’s the twist — I’m super excited to share this because it’s more than just tips and tricks.

It’s about giving you something extra, a slice of my journey. This way, you’ll see that getting published isn’t about a lucky one-off pitch. It’s a journey, a process, and I’m here to walk you through it with the insights I’ve gained.

And here’s my second key advice: Read.

Then read some more.

Dive deep into the works of those who’ve made it to the pages of the New York Times or your dream publication. Understand their style, their content, the way they engage their audience.

It’s not just about reading for fun; it’s about dissecting, understanding, and absorbing the essence of successful writing. Trust me, the more you read, the better you’ll understand what makes a piece stand out.

So, keep that curiosity alive and turn reading into your secret weapon.

Here’s the kicker: There’s only one way to get published in the ‘New York Times’ — just keep trying. And remember, the most common thing for you can be the most uncommon thing for others.

How to get your work featured in the New York Times:

1. Identify the Right Editors: Research and pinpoint editors who align with your writing style or subject matter. Knowing who to approach is half the battle.

2. Use the Right Contact Channels: Locate the appropriate contact forms or submission guidelines on the New York Times website. Ensure you’re reaching out through the right avenues.

3. Targeted Pitching: Don’t pitch your work randomly. Tailor your submissions to editors or sections that best fit your content. Random pitches rarely succeed.

4. Underrated Strategy — Be Selective: It’s underrated but crucial. Don’t bombard editors with pitches. Be selective and strategic about what you share.

5. Be Yourself: Authenticity is key. Don’t try to mimic the style of a 50-year-old expert if that’s not you. Be true to your voice and style.

6. Originality in Ideas: Your ideas should be fresh and unique. Editors are inundated with pitches — stand out with something new and engaging.

7. Quality Over Quantity: Focus on the quality of your submission. A well-crafted, engaging piece is more likely to catch an editor’s eye than multiple average ones.

8. Follow Submission Guidelines: This might seem obvious, but many overlook it. Adhere strictly to the NYT’s submission guidelines for a better chance at acceptance.

9. Persistence Pays: If your first submission isn’t accepted, don’t lose heart. Keep refining your work and submit again. Persistence is often rewarded.

10. Know Your Audience: Understand the NYT’s readership. Tailoring your content to appeal to their interests can increase your chances of getting published.

These pointers can significantly boost your chances of getting noticed by the editors at the New York Times.

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Remember, it’s a combination of strategic planning, authenticity, and persistence that often leads to success in publishing.

Bonus tips:

11. Craft a Compelling Hook: Start your pitch or article with a bang! A captivating opening can make an editor pause and take notice. Think of an intriguing question, a surprising fact, or a compelling anecdote related to your topic.

12. Showcase Your Unique Perspective: What makes your viewpoint or experience different? Highlight any unique angles or insights you can offer. If you’ve lived a story or have a rare take on a common theme, make that clear.

13. Tie Your Content to Current Trends or Events: Editors often look for pieces that resonate with current happenings. Try to connect your story or article idea to recent news, trends, or cultural shifts, making it timely and relevant.

14. Use Data and Research to Back Your Ideas: Including relevant data, research findings, or expert opinions can add credibility to your piece. It shows you’ve done your homework and are serious about your subject.

15. Offer a Full Package: If possible, pitch not just an article but a complete package. This could include high-quality images, graphics, or even a series of articles exploring different facets of the same topic. It shows initiative and thoroughness.

So, that’s my story. Share yours in the comments. Let me know if you are aspiring to be published in New York Times, maybe I can help you :)

From ‘Times of India’ to ‘New York Times’. Not just a transition, but a full circle. A tale of passion, crossing borders. Your words, they have power. Dreams? They travel, and they do come true.



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