Here’s Why Google Loves My Online Profile

Everybody wants Google to love them because the online world is the new ‘offline’ today. We woo social media, we woo Google, ChatGPT, and the coming AI, and every new tech.

We are writers, I know, we are artists; we don’t give a shit about validation, but eventually, we have to feed our belly, right? I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Every writer wants to be featured in the Google Knowledge Panel. If you don’t know about it, do read it; it’s a literal invisible award that Google gives to people in any field and industry, an ‘authoritative’ badge. In 2017, my writer profile started to get noticed by Google. You can Google ‘Bhavik Sarkhedi

Then, slowly and gradually, as I published new articles, it got featured and boosted.

The profile of LinkedIn Medium got boosted, even my books, which were not in the limelight, started to get views and clicks because my profile started appearing in featured snippets, Google Knowledge Panel, and in the listicle articles of top content writers, top authors in India, top writers on Medium, top writers on LinkedIn, and top digital marketing experts.

Trust me, I have had some experience in all; of course, I am not a pro, but I do have 10 years of experience as I started my journey in 2013.

Here are few screenshots which shows why Google loves my profile and is showing in many keywords search query:

You want to know how I did it, right? Yes, because I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, but it’s definitely not easy. The trick is consistency, and I have written one article on the writing/portfolio I have ever done till now.

How to get noticed by Google?

  1. Build a Strong Online Presence: If you want to create your Google Knowledge Panel, start by building a strong online presence. Look at my journey on Medium; establishing a solid presence through consistent posting and engagement significantly helped me.

2. Create High-Quality Content: If you want Google to notice you, consistently produce high-quality content. In my experience, focusing on delivering valuable and insightful articles on Medium has been key to gaining recognition.

3. Optimize Your Content for SEO: Ensure your content is optimized for search engines. Just like I did on Medium, incorporating relevant keywords and metadata helped Google recognize my expertise and increase my visibility.

4. Use Structured Data Markup: Implement structured data markup on your website or Medium profile. By providing specific information about myself in a structured format, Google was able to better understand and showcase my credentials.

5. Get Verified on Google: Claim and verify your Google My Business listing. When I verified my Google profile, it added credibility to my online identity and increased my chances of being featured.

6. Get Featured in Reliable Sources: Aim to be featured in reputable sources within your niche. Partnering with well-known publications or websites, as I did on Medium, can significantly boost your authority in Google’s eyes.

7. Be Active on Social Media: Engage with your audience on social media platforms. As I’ve seen on Medium, active participation in relevant discussions and communities can amplify your online presence and attract Google’s attention.

8. Encourage Reviews and Recommendations: Encourage positive reviews and recommendations from your audience. When my Medium articles received positive feedback and endorsements, it enhanced my credibility and trustworthiness to Google.

9. Network with Influencers and Experts: Build relationships with influencers and experts in your field. Collaborating with them or receiving endorsements can establish you as a reputable figure, just as it did for me on Medium.

10. Monitor Your Online Presence: Regularly monitor your online presence and Google search results. By staying vigilant and proactive in managing my online presence on Medium, I ensured accuracy and consistency, which are crucial for Google’s recognition.

and the most important point or I would say the summary of it all is

11. Be Among the Top Listicles in Your Niche:

Above all, strive to be featured in the top listicles within your niche or genre. Let me tell you, this is crucial.

If you’re a great writer in tech, aim to be among the top 10 lists out there written by third-party bloggers. Reach out to them personally and say, “Hey, I’m also a tech writer. Can you include me in your list?” This proactive approach gradually lands you in many listicles, building your authority in Google’s eyes.

As you get featured in these listicles, Google starts recognizing you as an authority in your niche.

This recognition is what ultimately leads to Google granting you a Knowledge Panel.

Once you have your Knowledge Panel, you’ll find yourself featured in many featured snippets and keyword search panels, just like I did.

It’s a powerful way to cement your position as an expert in your field and boost your visibility on Google.

Trust me, this strategy can make a significant difference in establishing yourself as a recognized figure in your industry.



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