How to balance SEO, originality and creativity in content writing?

It’s the unformidable truth that content writing is one of the best jobs out there in the market. Current market scenarios indicate a high growth percentage in businesses all over the internet. Likewise, there is a huge growth in the digital marketing domain over the past few years. And, if one has in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, one can easily tell that content is one of the most important limbs of it. Hence, we can observe huge growth in the content marketing domain, also we can predict a bright future for content.

Consequently, if you are looking to pursue a career in digital marketing, there is always a question in your mind, i.e. how to write good quality content? The answer to this can be decoded pretty easily. First, we have to answer what makes good quality content? Good quality content is nothing but the one which has a balance between SEO, originality (uniqueness) and creativity. So, now the question arises how to balance these three parameters that contribute the most to deciding the quality of the content? We will brief this topic in this article.

Before diving deep into the topic, first, let’s discuss what makes a great content writer? Good content can write across multiple niches with ease. The writer must be able to catch the reader’s attention with some curious words in the top paragraph of the content piece. One must be able to write compelling headlines and must have the ability to decide the flow of the content. Also, the ability to research with ease cannot be excluded. And lastly, the passion to write and good mental well-being is the most important thing.

So, let’s dive deep into this topic:

  • Balancing SEO: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most important thing one has to take care of while writing content. Without SEO the content is like a car without an engine. It is like you are writing great content but what makes the content rank on the website is missing, and unfortunately, your well-written write-up isn’t ranking. How would you feel if you sow the seed but you don’t get the fruits? Writing SEO friendly content is too easy, it is expected that you must have knowledge of keyword research and keyword placement.

Many writers usually write content according to SEO rules, but what they forget is that it is more important to write for human beings and not for search engines. The logic behind this is quite simple: writing for search engines will rank the content, but eventually, with bad customer interaction on the web page, you will soon start losing your ranking. So, the best way is to write content keeping in mind that the content has to be read by human beings. And this is where the SEO balance comes into play. This is exactly how you balance SEO in content writing.

  • Balance Originality: The first thing to note here is what is originality. It is the degree of uniqueness of your content. No matter what quality your content possesses, if you have a plagiarised content piece, the search engine may restrict your page against ranking. Quality is not just defined by how creatively you write, or how well SEO optimised the content is, it is better defined by the degree of uniqueness. Also, repetitive use of plagiarised content may lead to blocking your site from any further rankings on the web page. The use of a plagiarism checker helps you to understand the quality of your content.

There is another important thing to note while balancing originality. If you are paraphrasing the article that is ranking better on the website and then posting the same on your website, may also have the same consequence as discussed in the earlier case. The only difference is that when you paraphrase the article, your article looks 100% unique. Some best steps that must be followed to balance originality in content writing is to list references in the article and if you are writing for current industry trends or breaking news, then you have a higher percentage of having balanced originality in the content.

  • Balance Creativity: Creativity is another important thing that needs to balance to a greater extent. Creativity is not something you can achieve within one write-up or multiple write-ups. It is the representation of the inner self of the writer. For example, each writer has a different way of writing, a different way to express something and most recognisable different ways to write the same word (using synonyms). The writing that compels most to the reader is termed as a content piece with balanced creativity. Everything is different, the ideas, the plot, language and the subject matter.

Many writers, refer to a single article that’s ranking well, understand the same and write the article. To be precise this is a wrong practice. This is because, say the article that’s ranking better, has covered 80% of the topic, you further read it, vomit 20% part and end up presenting only 60% of the original scenario. If you have to rank your content well, you have to produce more than your competitors. One way to accomplish the same is to research multiple websites and write accordingly. This will result in your content piece presenting better content than your competitors and hence tends to be more creatively balanced.


Content writing is one of the most trending jobs to pursue in this ever-evolving digital world. It is expected that a content writer must write a great content piece, and there are certain rules that make up great content. And on top of all a content writer must possess the ability to find the balance between SEO, originality and creativity in content writing. And it is not impossible to achieve perfectness, with each new write-up it is expected that you always upgrade yourself.

Keep yourself updated, improve with each new write-up and have great content published each time.



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