How to become a content writer? [Updated Tips]

Bhavik Sarkhedi
5 min readAug 5, 2021

“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader. Not the fact that it is raining but the feeling of being rained upon.” - E.L Doctorow.

If you are thinking of pursuing content writing as your career or becoming a content writer in India, the first thing that you need to know is the meaning of content writing.

A content writer is a simple word that means to write content. It is nothing complex but a simple wordplay. If you can write a lot of content easily and present it in a way that is informative, engaging, and reader friendly, you have got the potential to become a content writer. The word ‘content’ is a broad term, and it is the use of words to convey your feelings or things or information to other people regarding your idea, your business, your projects, etc.

It means to use words to convey things to other people about anything. For instance, a fashion designer sets a new website and wants to showcase her business as what kind of services she offers, her distinctions in the field and what she mainly does. Here, the right content will help her showcase her talent and brand in the right direction. This is why content writing is important and is widening its scope in all fields.

As a content writer, you will be assigned different topics, or you can also be asked to come up with your unique ideas and topics. The content can either be digital like content for blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc. or it can be offline too like content for research papers, presentations, stories, projects, technical papers, etc. Content, nowadays, has become the heart of marketing either online via websites or offline such as for brochures, print ads, leaflets, etc.

But before you decide to write, you should keep one thing in your mind that content writing is not always writing the thoughts that come to your mind. Good content has to be a proper balance of wordplay, sound expertise, diligent research, grammar and good vocabulary.

We should also keep in my mind that high-quality content can never be created at one time but it requires concentration, incisive editing and rewording to make sure that every word and every sentence is on point.


The best thing about content writing is that it is not restrictive at all, it has no defined paths or any necessary qualifications to apply for it. A person can pursue content writing at any phase or any stage of his life as it does not require any additional qualification.

A college-going student can also become a content writer while a post-graduate can also become one too. The most important thing that a person requires to become a good content writer is concentration and experience. We have been taught this in our schools as when we used to write paragraphs and essays or creative writings on the given topics, that was content writing too.

But if you want to become a good content writer and want to get paid for your work, you need to have an analytical mind and some good writing and researching skills.

If you want to enhance your content writing skills, you can follow the steps mentioned below: -

1. Do some research and understand what are the topics that you are interested in.

2. Familiarize yourself with the writing tools, as everyone is online nowadays, so you need to have basic knowledge about WordPress, MS-Word, SEO, Google Keywords, etc.

3. The next step is to train yourself and equip yourself with all the skills and knowledge in your field. Also, you need to be updated with all the new trends coming on as the market is never constant.

4. When you will gather all the information and train yourself, the next step is to pitch yourself to the clients. You must understand the concepts of marketing and try to connect with all the platforms in India, which are relevant and on which you can find your potential clients. Some of the platforms are LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

5. After completing all the steps mentioned above, the final step that you need to follow is practically everything that you have learned. By practicing, you will polish your skills and will get better.

Following are some of the ways that you can opt if you wish to be a content writer and want to start your career in this field: -

1. Internships: — If you are a school going or a college-going student, you can start your journey right now with the internships, either online or offline. You can apply to different magazines which will pay you for your content.

2. Freelancing: — You can also take up freelancing as the companies in India are increasingly outsourcing their requirement of content writing to independent writers. These kinds of opportunities are available on the websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr. Work n Hire, etc.

3. Blogging: — Most people are blogging today which can also be considered as the first step that a person can take towards writing. You can set up your own blog free of cost and can write at your own pace. The only thing that you need is a writing style that helps you to resonate well with the audience.

4. Certificate programs: — You can choose up some certificate programs and short term courses that are associated with digital marketing and content writing.

5. Added qualifications: — If you are thinking of writing as a subject matter expert, some additional qualifications are required. These qualifications will add to your ability and will help you to add your own expertise.


The scope of content writing is increasing nowadays as every business is providing online services and have set up websites. They need some good content for their websites and in turn, need some good content writers. Some of the career opportunities in India are as under: -

· Content creators.

· Content developers.

· SEO content writers.

· Copywriters.

· Bloggers.

· Subject Matter Experts.

· Social Media Specialists.

· Editors, etc.


The scope of content writing is widening in India after the onset of coronavirus. The human touch was completely avoided and therefore, every company and organization started their businesses online on the internet. This is still going on and everyone prefers to apply online as it is safe and convenient. Therefore, the need for content writers is also increasing in the country. There are a lot of options available and one can easily grasp the opportunities and can become a successful content writer.

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