How to Get a Google Knowledge Graph for your company in 2024?

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You may have noticed the Google Knowledge Panel as a block on the on the right side of your screen in the search results when you Google something.

These panels show concise data on all kinds of things like plants, animals, countries and especially people and businesses. It displays details about the specific entity you are searching for and whatever see on the panel is generated by the Google Knowledge Graph.

The Google search panel is a seal of authenticity. You may Google a restaurant and look at customer reviews before dining there.

The Knowledge Graph /Panel

The Google knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel was announced by Google in 2012. This is an innovative tool for businesses that wish to enhance their brand’s visibility. It is an advanced tool that allows the user to get information on businesses and contact the business without clicking on any links. It also provides a greats search experience by providing precise and relevant information along with accurate search results.

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A Knowledge Graph or Panel can be created for any entity. It can be a business entity or even a personal panel page.

To view an instance of a personal panel you can look at this Knowledge Panel for Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is an Indian writer and founder of ‘Write Right’ :

Bhavik Sarkhedi Google Knowledge Graph

A similar example of Write Right Knowledge Graph is shown below:

Getting listed on the Google knowledge graph

Google search decides the kind of attention that your brand will get online. Having a Google Knowledge Graph can perform miracles for the popularity of your business. Here is how you can get listed on the Google Knowledge Panel.

  • Local listing on Google

The first thing you need to do is get a listing for your business on Google. This will attract more customers by improving the brand’s visibility on Google Maps and on Google search.

Google my business is the tool that can be used for this. Your business will pop up in the search results, when a potential customer searches for a brand that is in your domain.

For this open an account on Google my business. This will help to verify the business and all the details such as the owner, location, opening and closing hours.

You can even edit to add photographs and other relevant information about your business.

In case of branded and personal panels, it’s up to Google to establish the credibility of whether or not the brand deserves a Google panel.

All major-league brands have a Google Knowledge Graph verified in their name. This Panel for Zara lists all the important details :

  • Social Media Presence

Creating a digital image for your brand can work wonders for spreading word about your business.

Even on the Google panel, there is a small box at the bottom with links to all the social media pages with the business’s presence.

Create pages for your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. The icons appear on the bottom of the Goggle Knowledge Panel. The users can easily reach your social media profile and expand the brand reach.

Once you have created a business panel and have linked the social media links to the panel, your Knowledge Panel will look something like this

  • Structured Information

For your business to appear on the Knowledge Panel, information on the website has to be in a structured format.

The website needs to be coded in the proper manner in order for the Google search console to verify the website.

The search engines will scan your website for snippets of information to promote the business.

The Coding is fairly simple to declare the data and one of the most used schema mark-ups for the same is JSON+LD.

Prominence of the business, distance and the relevance are all crucial deciding factors of whether your business will have a Knowledge Graph. A website working on a High authority domain had a sure shot at getting a panel for the business.

  • Creating a Wikipedia Page

Google id highly dependent on Wikipedia for extracting huge chunks of information. Ensure that your business has a viable Wikipedia page

Wikipedia has an uncompromising moderation policy. It is one of the largest websites in the world and not every business, person or brand can have a page on the website. Any page that has been on Wikipedia for an extended period of time is held in high regard to grab rich snippets by Google.

  • Building Backlinks

Whether your brand get a Knowledge panel or not also depends on the number of backlinks. This is also one of the factors that Google ranks businesses on.

Try to post content about your business on prominent websites as Google considers and values the backlinks that are created from well-known publications. Building successful links can improve the rankings of your website in the Search Engine Results Page.

Being consistent and posting quality content can help to shape powerful backlinks.

Enhancing Brand Image

You can increase the visitors on your website by improving your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Getting included in the Google Knowledge Panel can take this a step further. The first thing that people do today when they hear about a new business in quickly go online and Google it.

So much so that Goggle has become a verb.

A Google Knowledge graphs claims that your brand is legitimate.

If you really want to grow your brand by improving its ranking and getting more traffic to your website, Google knowledge graph can help you in achieving exactly that.

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