It’s Not Fu***ing Easy To Be Famous

Bhavik Sarkhedi
3 min readMay 5, 2024

Today, I was having a shower, and boom, I got a ‘Shower Thought.’

I was thinking about all the successful people who post their stories, and it sometimes feels out of this world.

How the f**k did they manage to do it when all our lives we are trying to do the same?

Then I realized, and I think it’s true because most of us feel and are in the same position which I am about to share. It’s in the poem form to make it sound ‘less sad.’

He did it because he didn’t have a grandmother to take care of at home.

He did it mostly because he decided he wouldn’t marry until a certain age, and then, of course, he would not have any children to care for financially, emotionally.

He might have done it because he is a selfish jerk who never believed in charity or philanthropy or donation.

He must not have made many true friends down the line in his journey because it takes a gutsy decision to choose a path where it feels more alone and then eventually more ‘lonely.’

He did it because he wouldn’t have his parents to take care of financially.

He did it because at every twist and turn, he would have to betray a person near and dear to him.

He did it because ‘ambition,’ ‘goal’ are his beloved words more than ‘love,’ ‘care.’

He did it because once in a while, he doesn’t have to worry about a family member who go sick (mentally and physically)

He must have done it because once in a while, he doesn’t have to call, text people who rely on him (emotionally and financially)

He must have f***ing done it I guess because he was meant to be like that

He did it because he must not be attached to relatives, families, cousins, brothers, sisters because man, they love us and man, they distract too.

He must have certainly done it because he knows he had received certain opportunities which his nemesis dreamt of having such opportunities.

He might have done it because it’s the sad reality of life that if you don’t become selfish, then you can’t reach ‘Far.’

It’s a fu***ing fact you have to admit it.

He did it because he had less empathy — towards family, towards employees, towards the surrounding (admit it, you jerk).

He did it because deep down he is the loneliest person in the world.

He did it because man, his parents are goddamn rich or at least someone who would loan his son a fucking cheque

I know it might not be 100% accurate, but believe me, it’s very near to 100% of people who achieve success and are around us, observe them.

Remember, I am not saying that they achieved fame and success only because of the ‘less responsibilities’ they had; it’s just that sometimes destiny is such that they are meant to be what they dream and do what they love. We have to believe not everybody’s destiny is ‘meant to be’ — we work hard to create such ‘destiny’.”

It’s really interesting how our “feeds” on the internet shape what we think the world is like. For me, my world is filled with stuff from editors, writers, and SEO — things I see on my Twitter, LinkedIn, and the videos YouTube suggests for me.

Then there’s another person, who lives in a world filled with hip-hop music. For him, things like digital marketing or content strategy are completely foreign. And for someone else, all this talk about feeds and digital stuff means absolutely nothing.

It’s quite strange, isn’t it? How we all live in such different worlds.

This makes me think about how tough and different it must be for someone famous.

Everyone knows them, everyone watches what they do. Their life is out there for all to see, which is so different from how we experience our own worlds through our personalized feeds.

This difference makes the life of someone famous really complicated.



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