Studying abroad — A new era magical wand

Bhavik Sarkhedi
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Studying abroad — A new era magical wand

Study abroad… the big question in everyone’s career today…

As you are trying to make your big decision to study abroad, you may look at the evident motives as to why you should choose to study internationally. You may have often heard, “studying abroad is a lifetime experience” or “I loved the travel and study combo.” It makes you wonder whether studying abroad will be a beneficial prospect for yourself. Coming out of your comfort zone, and starting to live your own life may come as quite a challenge.

And also, a foreign degree, an international exposure, a range of excellent learning opportunities, as well as the associated career benefits are correspondingly striking. Many professionals evaluate the pros and cons of studying abroad to consider before coming to a final choice.

A recent study shows that employers are under strong compel to find employees who have the technical knowledge and “soft skills” like critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and communication, deemed necessary for success in an international workforce.

However, there is a mismatch of skills between this generation of graduates and what employers are looking for in today’s time.

Looking at the historical impact of studying abroad shows that professionals who have studied overseas have better careers, experience less attrition, and get promoted in career at higher rates.

Why should one study abroad? What are the key reasons?

Let’s now look at the most prevalent question that every professional has in mind when considering international education -

o Global perspective — Studying abroad enables present professionals to become future leaders in every and any sector. Getting access to diverse environments, interactive culture, and gaining international experiences prepare you to be global citizens. Addressing global issues like climate change, renewable energy, or terrorism would be easier and bring world peace.

Whether you wish to work in commercial, government, academia, or the non-profit sector, the skills you acquire from international learning will always be with you and make you reach definite success.

o Gaining personal skills — Studying overseas aids in self-awareness and indulge in practices in diversity. It can help broaden your perspective and discover unintentional biases that you may have, thus improving your individual skills.

o Real-life, hands-on skills — Studying abroad is a unique challenge; coming out of the comfort zone of your home, even your country. You will learn practical lessons towards managing your expenses, handling your living, and working on your overall learning.

You will most likely return to your home a much wiser individual, ready to face any upcoming challenge unflinchingly. The entire experience though not easy, will be very valuable and worthwhile.

o Network expansion — One of the significant benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to meet new and diverse people from different cultures, countries and learning.

It will give you a chance to create lifelong relationships, thereby increasing your network. These can be important networking means in the future, down the road.

o Personal growth and development — Studying overseas bring out independence and self-reliance. Handling yourself in a completely new environment will help you figure what you are good at and what you are not good at.

These understandings can be built on your ability to adapt to diverse situations, solve problems, and make you prepared to succeed in your career ahead.

o Enhance career opportunities — No doubt, the primary reason for studying abroad stands to be improving your career prospects. Learning new languages, appreciating other cultures, and gaining a more significant interpretation of the world are traits that modern businesses today look for.

o Further learning — Broadening professional choices by studying abroad can open up a new world of diverse opportunities in another country.

Whether going for a different specialization or working out after study gives you an independent and broader approach to learning, there are even overseas courses with work experience opportunities combined with the study program.

o Quality education — Wherever you choose to study, the definitive goal will consistently be achieving the highest possible quality of education. A wise man rightly said, ‘’the standard of academic excellence gets recognized worldwide as being the highest quality qualifications to guarantee work in various sectors’’.

Joining a study abroad program will give you the chance to see a side of your study subject that you may not have got exposed to prior. Often studying abroad will help you experience an entirely new way of training.

o Communication skills — This is a set benefit from studying abroad, upgrading your communication skills. You will develop the capability to communicate across multiple language barriers and improve on other essential academic writing and public speaking skills.

o Lifelong friends — Apart from gaining a solid network base, you will form friendships that may last lifelong and prove a supporting factor in your life’s journey ahead.

o Confidence — Studying abroad will boost your self-confidence as you overpower challenges, steer new environments, and develop your resilience to new and different situations.

o Management — From learning to live independently, adapting to the culture, and managing new currency finances, studying abroad will teach you planning of your time and money and organize your thoughts logically.

o Critical thinking skills — Exploring a new place, learning new ways of life, and seeking solutions through self-discoveries will develop your approach to reason and enrich your overall skills.

o Overcome fears — Studying abroad may also give your challenges of money, transport, or immersing in a new culture. By dealing with all these defies, you will gain maturity and face your fears while growing into a stable individual.

o Travels — Studying abroad will allow you to travel and experience different cities and their cultural outlook. Traveling to fascinating places and seeing unforgettable sights may help you see the world through a new set of eyes and viewpoint.

o Find new interests — Studying abroad may attract you towards new activities or interests you were yet to discover. You might find a hidden talent or hobby that you never pursued earlier. You may also identify new and exciting forms of entertainment to explore in between lectures and lab sessions, like visiting iconic landmarks, trying new foods, or buying from the local market.

Study abroad — the career growth accelerator

As you can see, change and new experiences can make your lifestyle efficient and highly distinct. So, without thinking further, make the most of the world around you. According to a research survey of approximately a bunch of professionals who had worked abroad in the past five years, the top three reasons cited for studying abroad were; (https.@studyabroadsurvey2021)

o Career experience: 92%

o Personal growth: 83%

o Career marketability: 44%

o Skills upgrade: 77%

In summary, studying abroad has vast gains. While studying abroad offers excellent prospects for a brighter future, it also has challenges that a professional must overcome. The initial process is complex; however, the rewards they reap in the following years are priceless. Once you know what you what to study and choose a place you would enjoy, studying abroad is the best choice you can ever make. Studying abroad is like a new era magical wand that can turn professional skills into expertise for an incredible future in career.



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