The Best Places to Visit in Gujarat

Also known as Jewel of the west for centuries, Gujarat is one of the most travel-friendly states in the country. Don’t think it as a state; it’s a country in itself, varied culture, different terrain, and driest desert to think forest to the largest shoreline in the country. Gujarat hailed as the most growing state and it has been recognized by the world. What is more intriguing is, there are hundreds of places to visit and they are all different in nature, characteristic, atmosphere. So let’s dive deeper and find the best places to visit in Gujarat.

● Ahmedabad: India’s first world heritage city will welcome all the traveler of the world with open arms. It has reputed as rolling stone in world business and also traveler friendly. You are a fan of Architectural marvels or the modern lifestyle, old sculpture building or food lover. At Ahmedabad, the buck stops here for every type of traveling experience. Ahmedabad is a map of the history and kaleidoscope of the future.

● Sasan Gir: the only place where you can find the majestic Asiatic lion. Spreading across hundreds of a kilometer, this nature serene is a sight for the sour eyes. It has a verity of the inhabitant, with many rare birds and mammals. Gir forest is not just regular one; there are thousands of ancient temples, many first and hidden gems that only a true traveler can cherish.

● Lothal: one of the ancient civilization was flourish here. It was known as the cradle of the east. Dated back to 3700 BC, this was the major city and business hub in the east. Today it’s just ruined with enough monuments to know how big it was. The planning and execution of the city were beyond imagination for that era. Visit this place to literally time travel and witness the rise and fall of a great civilization.

● Diu: a small island at south side of the main Gujarat region. This place is known for its beach. Because Gujarat has the longest shoreline, this one is one of the best places to travel, shop and sightseeing. Forts, Churchs, and temples are spread across the whole city. Beaches are clean and traveler friendly. It’s the second hottest beach destination in India, just after the Goa.

● Kutch: wildly popular for its one a kind white desert. This place offers much more than that. Kutch has been destroyed and re-emerges much time because of a natural disaster. Once what was major sea shipping hub turns into a white desert. Kutch is known for its designer clothes, artistic handicraft, and colors full items.

● Saputara: Gujarat has its own ecological system. From dryness of Kutch to the forest of Gir and now hill station of saputara. It looks like a place from a magical forest. Sunrise and sunset will take you in dreamland. Its peaceful hill station with lush of greenery and flowers. Monsoon makes it’s more romantic with the rhythm of raindrops. It’s a must visit place when you are in Gujarat.

● Champaner: Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is UNESCO world heritage site. A city with lot of stories to tell. Just 47km away from Baroda, this site has remained hidden from travelers. This city had fitness great ruler dating back to 8th century. With great city planning and with restoration effort by government, this place is not just ruined, but rather live in experience in a time capsule. Do enjoy the ropeway ride too.

● Rani ki Vav, Patan: another world heritage site in Gujarat. It’s an ancient step well(queens step well) with architecture that put Taj Mahal to shame. Complex design and out of the box construction make it worldwide. The world would have never know about it until its excavated recently. It’s an epic fusion of craftsmanship and architectural wonder.

● Junagadh: the city of fort and wall and a mountain with 9999 steps to reach the top. Junagadh is a city which is connected to the ancient and modern era and has roots back into times of Mahabharata. Girnar, the highest pick of Gujarat at 1000 meter is not just a mountain, one of the largest mountain based temples. Uparkot fort, which holds the enemy siege for 12 years, dated back to 2300 years; caves which was used by a monk from the 3rd century. It’s not just a city to walk around; it’s a living, breathing the history of Gujarat.

● Laxmi Vilas Palace: one of the biggest palaces in Gujarat builds in Indo-Saracenic style. it is four times in size of Buckingham Palace, so you can just imagine how big it is, with 500 acres of compound and peacock and crocodiles in it. This gigantic yet beautifully build palace is a symbol of sophistication.

This is just one of the few wonders of Gujarat. With the great rate of progress and almost no rate of crime, Gujarat is one of the thriving urban lifestyles that will remain this breathtaking in every era and centuries to come. Welcome to the great, grand and graceful state.

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