The Unproposed Guy is Here

Bhavik Sarkhedi
3 min readJul 5, 2022

My dream novel ‘The Unproposed Guy’ is coming soon.

Releasing on 15th July, 2022. Worldwide.

Read a sample chapter — Get a sneak peek

The First Encounter

Kevin always thought she looked beautiful, but on this day, she looked stunning. Cousin Piya’s best friend, Rita. Kevin was delighted to see her at the sangeet ceremony of his aunt. Should he get her a jalebi too? Or maybe something to drink? A cola? The way she spoke, the way she walked, the way she blushed. Her laugh and her melodious voice continued to linger in his ears. Her shiny hair and the glow on her face. Should he talk to her? No, he couldn’t. What if she hated him?

Tina too was looking in their direction but for a different reason. “Kevin, let’s see what cousin Piya and others are playing there.”“No, you carry on. I am fine here.” Kevin was least interested. He preferred being by himself.“C’mon!” She pulled on his arm and dragged him to her cousins who were playing together.“Guys, what are you playing, can we join?” she asked eagerly.“Yes, but you have to keep it a secret.” Piya replied immediately.“Why?”“We are going to play an unusual game.”

The First Encounter

“That’s interesting.”

“Get inside the room,” Their cousin instructed. “No, Tina, we are leaving. If anyone catches us, mummy won’t spare us!” A panicked Kevin was already feeling sweaty.“Kevin, I want to play! I am not leaving!” He had no other choice but to accompany Tina. She was adamant.“Shush everyone. Sit down in a circle.” They did as they were told.“Now, I will spin this bottle around and we shall see where it lands.

The two facing each end of the bottle shall have to kiss.”Kevin panicked. “I am not playing this, Tina!” He couldn’t understand how Tina could be so liberal, knowing well that he would never do such a thing.“Oh, don’t be a spoilsport. Let’s see how it goes.” Tina chided.“Okay, so all of you ready? Here we go…”\

“Oh, that’s Rishabh and Seema.”“Guys, kiss, kiss…yeah!” Everyone chanted enthusiastically.“Okay, next.” She spun the bottle again. “It is, Rita and Kevin.”Oh my god, kiss her? was all Kevin could think. She was the most beautiful girl in the room. How could he? Would she feel bad? Why was he so nervous? He could feel his heart pounding.

He was sweaty. He wanted to check if his breath stank, if everything was going to be alright, if he could really do this. Deep breaths in and staying calm. He never wanted to forget this moment and shut his eyes for a second to take a mental image.“No way, I am not kissing him.

Hope you like the cover page. Hope this becomes every guy’s relatable fun story and every girl’s memorable hilarious tale.

Cheers to #TheUnproposedGuy



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