Top 7 Content Marketing Agencies in India 2021: People’s Choice [Upd.]

With advancing time, technology, ideologies, and education, the requirements in different domains have increased many folds. Let’s say, with an increase in all the factors mentioned above, a rising slope has been observed in the graph of employment opportunities. But at the same time, with the rise in technology, the rising slope of employment opportunities is coming to a halt because human power is being replaced by AI and robotics. But, human brainpower cannot be entirely replaced. Job roles like digital marketing, content writing need critical thinking along with creativity. Hence, these job roles can never be replaced.

Now coming to the point where one can certainly think, “what if there’s no requirement anymore?” There will always be an everlasting need for good content curation and marketing schemes. Any form of advertisement, promotion needs two requisite things- content and marketing strategy. The demand for content and digital marketing increases with every year passing by.

A digital agency is an advertising agency that provides digital marketing services, digital content curation services, graphic design, and so on. It has evolved with the ever-changing demands of the advertising industry and has adapted to the recent methodology of marketing i.e., digital marketing. As the name suggests, the content and digital marketing industry are efficient in creating content and building marketing strategy by analyzing the current market scenario for businesses of different scales. There are many contents and digital marketing agencies in India. It’s a cumbersome task to find content and digital agencies that provide satisfactory client service and demand for a nominal fee.

Content and digital marketing agency can-

1. Produce leads- the foundation of any business is the customer base. It thrives and survives on the feeds and activities of customers. The salesperson must work according to a detailed pipeline of sales. Creating content is mainly done for capturing the interest of customers and expand the base of the business.

2. Increase brand awareness- creating content and maximizing the reach of the content are different areas to work on. A good content’s value can be nullified if it doesn’t get the deserved audience base i.e., reach. Companies use marketing agencies to establish, turn, and expand a brand’s reach.

3. Plan and strategize- strategizing content can be a cumbersome task. The workload decreases if a company has enough expertise and manpower present. A content marketing agency will work with you for planning the short-term and long-term goals, allocate resources, and analyze the performance.

4. Managing the lifecycle of customers- an entire lifecycle of customers’ demand wide spectra of content to be curated. This needs a variety of content to be created by the content and digital marketing agencies for satisfying their customers’ needs.

5. Making content workflow smooth- a content and digital marketing agency can help a company to strategize, and create a workflow for content curation if the company has already failed to do so. These steps are necessary for content creation as well as content promotion.


Don’t forget to look for a few of the factors before deciding on any content and marketing agency-

1. Verification/Certification- make sure you look for any form of verification or certification in the form of professional certificates on the official website of the agency. Internationally or nationally recognition makes up for verification too.

2. Services provided- look for the services provided by the agency. Observe if they are withholding detailed information about the services or not. There should be transparency about the services they provide and the services they do not.

3. About the company- make sure you go through every detail of the company on their website. The website should have a professional look. The company’s office address, contact number, email ID should be mentioned on the website.

4. Reviews and ratings- go through the recommendations, ratings, reviews given by previous clients and experts from a similar field. This gives a sense of assurance that the company is proficient at what it does.

5. Important details disclosure- make sure the company doesn’t beat behind the bush. They need to disclose every important information and aspect that are mentioned above. Once any company checks all these pre-requisite boxes, you are good to go!


There are no №1s so skipping it :) Something new isn’t it?

2. Write Right- one of the subsidiaries founded by Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi, it is renowned for providing a wide spectrum of services in the domain of content writing and marketing. Its headquarter is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Creative copywriting


Professional blog writing

Social media writing

Website content writing

Professional Email writing

Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing

Academic writing

Product description and review writing

Social media content

E-commerce writing

Digital marketing services

Resume writing services


Testimonials- write right is one of the best creative content writing services in Ahmedabad. They are very professional and on-demand content creators. I would strongly recommend Bhavik Sarkhedi and his team for finesse in assignments and wish them greater success in all future endeavors. Worth LOR and SOP writing services also. — Akshay Makadiya

Clutch review- Currently, Write Right is among the Top 5 Content Writing Services Providers in India, with 750+ online legit testimonials and reviews online.

Clutch rating- 4.8 out of 5


Contact information-

3. Estorytellers- is currently one of the top 5 content writing and digital marketing services in India. It is a subsidiary of Write Right. They live up to the demands of their clients. Providing supreme client service is their priority and they never compromise with the same.


Statement of Purpose writing

Blog writing


Creative writing

Website content

Translation services

Social media writing

Technical writing

Resume building

Generic content writing

Brand content writing

Email writing

Ghost-writing service

Small business blogging

White paper content writing

Testimonials- this content writing service provider is one of the most talented content writing teams I have had in my company. Striving and thriving to accomplish the given task, he is ingenious in what he does with the words. Now that he has made it on his own, it is definitely going to be better. — Pratik Kanada, CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft

Client rating- 4.9 out of 5


Contact information-

4. Taletel- this company manages both internal and external content writers. They are the most sensible choice for accomplishing short-term goals for the business. This company provides a wide range of services along with professional and creative output.


SOP writing services

Blog writing services

Business proposal writing

Web content writing services

E-book writing

Scripts writing

Social media writing

E-commerce writing services

Copywriting services

Product description and reviews writing services

Article writing services

Resume writing services

Testimonials- Taletel is one of the best content writing and mostly SOP writing services providers. It’s new but up-and-coming. — Prateek Kanada, CEO of 360 Technosoft

If you’re finding an expert SOP writing agency or essay writing agency, your search stops here. — Akshay Makadiya, Founder of Ranklane

Clutch ratings- 4.7 out of 5


Contact information-

5. Uplers- formed in October 2019, it is a product of the merge between 3 successful digital marketing agencies, EmailMonks, WebbyMonks, and Octos. The evolution of this company has been humongous. Their teams of web development, digital marketing, and marketing automation have tremendous potential. They have been outsourcing the teams working for huge brands.


WordPress development

HubSpot development

SEO services

SEM services

Email marketing

Link Building services

UI/UX designing

Programmatic advertising

Salesforce automation

Market automation

Front-end development

Testimonials- “Uplers are a pleasure to work with. Their services, monthly reports, and communication have exceeded my expectations. Top company, I highly recommend.” — Brandon Harris, Vice President of Smooth Solutions

“Uplers is a dedicated team of web professionals with attention to detail and passion to help your business succeed. We have worked with them for many years and they always deliver.” — Peter Kawecki, Creative Director, General Manager at Bapple

Google Rating- 4.4 out of 5


Contact information-

6. Smartfish- was started by Vishal Bhatt and Arshad Jhatam with the idea of building it as a designing hub. Today, the company has surpassed the dream of making it just a designing hub. They provide a range of services, starting from designing, building corporate identities to advertising and marketing.


Brand and Advertising Solutions

Logo designing

Graphic design

Packaging design

Web development services

Website design services

SEO and SEM optimization

Google Ads Management

Corporate film making

Product photography

Testimonials- “I approached Smartfish for developing my website, to build a professional identity and also provide a platform to get exactly what I was looking for. A website that has a professional and sophisticated look, yet easy to navigate and answer my queries was prompt and satisfactory. I would recommend Smartfish Designers to everyone looking to start their website.” — Dr. Abhinav Jain

Google Rating- 4.5 out of 5


Contact information-

7. Bonoboz- last but not least, bonoboz is regarded as one of the top-notch content writing and digital marketing companies out there. They provide highly satisfactory advertising, digital advertising, writing services, and so on.


Social media

Email marketing

SEO services

Campaign management

PPC management

Design and creative services

Testimonials- “Bonoboz has been a true partner in getting us going on digital. I have relied on them for both counsel and execution on all our digital initiatives today- from social media to e-commerce- and can say with full confidence that it has been a wonderful and fruitful experience. Their team marries deep expertise in their domain with swift execution.”- Archana Shah, Founder of Bhandej

Google rating- 4.1 out of 5


Contact information-



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