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Applying to study abroad is a tedious process. There are many rules to follow and many steps to complete the long application process. Part of the application is the statement of purpose. It is the most important piece to a strong application. The statement of purpose or SOP is a short essay that includes your education, your qualification, background, extra-curricular activities, and volunteer work. Explaining why you choose to study the program you selected at the university you choose to apply to. It is an expression of yourself that you put forth so that they can recognize your potential.


  • Introduce yourself uniquely. Be descriptive but concise. Write a story that emotionally connects with the reader instead of a statement.
  • Find a way to uniquely portray yourself, explain your keenness to learn, what motivates you, why you chose the field and the university, why they should consider you, and your plans.
  • Elaborate on your academic performance and activities in the field you have chosen.
  • Mention volunteer work or Special courses contributing to your passion for the field. Include extracurricular activities.
  • Be specific in mentioning what convinced you to apply at the university for the specific course.
  • Quantify your narrative; it acts as a source of information about you. Quantifying your story is a great way to provide legitimacy to your story.
  • Be specific and convey your passion for the program you chose. Explain your background and reasons as to why to want to pursue this field memorably.
  • Personalize your statement of purpose to the university you are applying to, mentioning you are a perfect fit for their campus culture, values, and vision
  • Use of proper language and grammar. Your SOP should be written as such you are having a conversation, avoiding casual language.
  • Include your problems or difficulties you faced in academic, professional, or personal background. Writing about your problem honestly and maturely, as to how you overcame them.
  • End your statement in a positive tone. Expressing your excitement and interest in pursuing the program and willingness to face any challenges that may present.


Getting selection in a university abroad is competitive. There are bundles of applications and a very low acceptance rate. SOP gives you a chance to stand out among the other candidates. It allows you to emphasize your personality other than your academic achievements. Explaining the desired goal, you want to accomplish by studying at the university and help them determine if you’re suited for the desired program at their campus.

University tends to give importance to it in addition to your academic performance. SOP is a great way to impact your acceptance chances and increase your chances to receive an acceptance letter. A well-written SOP can play to your advantage highlighting your skills and tone down your certain weakness

Statement of purpose is your chance to connect with the admission committee personally and express yourself in a way that is enough to convince the university members that you will be the perfect addition to the campus culture. It is your opportunity to prove you are more eligible than the other candidates, why you are exceptional and different from the crowd. The perfect statement of purpose is the key to secure admission to the university you want and pursue higher education in your desired program.


Universities receive many applications. They have to go through thousands of essays, so it becomes important to make yours memorable and impact the reader, creating a lasting impression eventually leading to your selection and proving your worth over other potential candidates. Investing in professional companies to write your statement of purpose is an excellent option to ensure the quality of your statement. Here are some benefits of hiring professional SOP writing services:

o The professional SOP writers are experienced and write a unique statement that mentions your qualifications, inspirations, and explains your personality in the most preeminent manner.

o Perfectly explaining your decision to choose the program at the desired university.

o The writers know how to frame a unique statement, making sure your SOP is excellent in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and content; mentioning your interest in the particular field.

o They create a perfect format that stands out of the crowd thus increasing your chances to secure admission to your desired university.

o They do thorough research about the field and the program provided by the university. They keep in mind the requirements and criteria the admission committee is looking for in the candidates to create the perfect content.

o They deliver plagiarism and error-free statement of purpose.

Writing an exceptional SOP is a very challenging and tedious job. To help the students there are many professional agencies available that provide this service and unload you of the burden.

Here are a few Top Statement of Purpose Writing Services in India you can consider investing in.

1. Write right

Write right is one of the top content writing services you can opt for. In terms of professional writing services. They provide the best content in various kinds of writing services they provide.

The sop writers understand the importance of the connection your statement should make with the reader. They maintain constant communication with the student to understand their needs and determine which factors to include in the SOP. This allows them to create a statement that is personalized and efficiently communicating with the admission committee.

Write Right provides plagiarism-free content. The agency ensures that they deliver high-quality and unique SOP that is written in excellent vocabulary and perfect grammar. This agency is reliable and they deliver the content within the time provided without any delays and excuses. They also provide a cost-effective statement of purpose writing services.

2. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is also an excellent option for you to choose. They are among the top content writing agency. The company provides a range of services like content writing, resume writing, web content writing, cover letters, statement of purpose writing, and many more services. Their SOP services consist of professional and experienced writers that use their intellectual and skills to deliver content that is up to your expectation.

The statement they write meets the requirements and criteria mentioned by the university. Their teams are highly experienced and offer top-notch, personalized statements, drafted especially in a way that it highlights your skills, experiences, academic accomplishments, and personal achievements. Also including your interests in joining your desired program at the university, you have chosen to apply to, helping their clients secure admission.

The company provides completely original content with no grammatical errors and typos. They pay attention to the time provided to complete the task and deliver it without any delay. Their team of experienced editors goes through the written statement providing several edits and proofreading till the result is according to your expectations.

3. Taletel

Taletel is a content writing agency with expertise in various writing services they offer. They specialize in Statement of Purpose writing for clients wanting to pursue higher education abroad. They deliver high-quality content at a reasonable price. Their dedicated writers provide a professional and perfect statement of purpose. They know the importance of SOP and how efficient it is to connect with the reader.

The agency understands your requirements and knows how to express your interest in joining the university. The writers use their skills to evaluate how to include your professional skills and personal achievements, also including purpose in such a way that is customized uniquely for you and the program you chose to apply for.

They have complete transparency. They provide swift and constant communication between the clients and the writer so that they can provide expected results following all the requirements provided. They are trustworthy and reliable in delivering the SOP on time and offer free edits to give satisfactory results.



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