Legit SEO Content Marketing Companies in the World 2022

Bhavik Sarkhedi
5 min readJul 1, 2020

In this digital age, all a company wants is to have its services reach the maximum number of people this will only happen when people are aware of that particular brand, and a content marketing agency helps them in doing so. A content marketing agency help in generating brand awareness among people by developing a lot of strategies and creating content. They help in maintaining a strong relationship with the audience, providing engaging content so that helps people in making decisions over what would be better for them. If you have high-quality content then you will attract more people and eventually customers will buy your products. As the years are passing by there has been a consistent growth in the number of content marketing agencies all over the world. Listed below are the top SEO Content Marketing Agencies in the world :-

Legit and Udated Content Marketing Companies Listed


“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.”

One should expect a company to be good who have this as their motto, and they are true. Estorytellers is a top-notch SOP(Statement of Purpose) writing company in India that has done some excellent work in the recent past. They have helped a lot of students in getting the college they desired to be in and have received great appreciation for their work. They have a young and experienced set of people who are capable of making engaging content. Client satisfaction is their top-most priority, they have an impeccable record of delivering content on time.

Write Right

A 4-year-old independent content writing agency in Ahmedabad,India. Consisting of a team of more than 25 skilled writers Write Right is India’s fastest growing content writing marketing agency. It is the highest rated Indian company by Good firms and Clutch. Their belief is to serve content as a main course, not as a starter. Write Right provides a 360-degree solution to any writing-related problem faced by their clients. From copywriting, creative advertising, digital marketing to a guest posting they take care of every aspect. Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi who is regarded as one of the best writers in the world, he is also the author of two best-selling books “The Weak Point Dealer” and “Will You Walk A Mile”. He has written more than 750 blogs.


They promise to provide you with such attention-grabbing content service that ones you work with them you won’t be able to go anywhere else. Their strategy is to put themselves in their customer’s shoes and write what appeals to them. They are content, copy, and SOP writing agency. Unlike most of the writing agencies in the world, Taletel consists mostly of young yet experienced set of writers, working with young writers provides freshness to the content because they write simple and understandable words with their own unique style making it interactive to their customers.

Kalam Kagaz

KK is a 2-year-old full-service boutique agency in Clinton, New Jersey. Their clients include KT Tape, Toyota World of Clinton, Chloe Colette, and many more. The innovation and creativity they show for their clients makes it stand out among others. They take their work very seriously and promises to deliver extraordinary results. For their remarkable work in the last few years, they came under the 50 Most Admired Companies in the year 2021.


BayCreative is a full-service marketing agency, working for last 21 years providing its clients with innovative and high-quality marketing support. They have a “marketing department in a box “ type approach offering their clients comprehensive B2B marketing expertise, from advertising to user interface. Their clients include Adobe, Cisco, McAfee, Twitter, and many more.

Mole Street

A marketing agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was launched in 2011 as an experiential marketing company limited to the greater Philadelphia region. From building out your content to designing the interface and consulting you on engagement strategy they handle it all. They promise to make your website both visually and technically stunning which will set it apart from your competitors. Mole Street is a growth marketing agency with a soul and its mission is to empower others to realize their greatness.

Savage Global Marketing

A data driven marketing agency providing their clients with services such as SEO, Web design, graphic design, web development, video production and others. They believe in thinking outside the box ,they always have innovative ideas and concepts that will help the clients in connecting to their target audience with the right message. They focus on maintaining a collaborative relationship with their clients, it’s a part of their core values. Their work environment is really different from others, following a unique culture which they call the savage life .

Volume nine

“ We love kicking ass and want to work with others who are kicking ass as well” this is what they say about themselves. Believing in long-term relationships instead of high sale contracts, volume nine has been in marketing industry since more than a decade. They know how to tactically build campaigns that will work for their clients with a limited budget in hand. They never differentiate between their clients whether its a Fortune 100 company or a small marketing agency they give everything they have to in fulfilling their needs, they focus on the work that matters to you.

S&G Content Marketing

Making sure that your content is valuable to the target audience is their prime objective. Since last four years they have been named under the top 50 global content marketing agencies. They are being supported by an expert team which is working 24*7 in maintaining the name of the organization, their team includes people from top-tier magazines, nationally recognized newspapers and also from fortune 500 powerhouses. Their client reviews have been excellent , “They have a fresh take on things” says Victor Gimenez, Executive Director, OUTshine film festival.(one of their clients).

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