Officially Surveyed Statement of Purpose Writing Companies in India 2022 [Verified]

Bhavik Sarkhedi
7 min readJul 1, 2021


What paves the road till the course of your dreams? A statement of purpose is the most definitive answer to this question.

Statement of Purpose commonly known as SOP is a short to medium-length essay that showcases one’s achievements, skills, academic record, and character for convincing the selection committee of universities. it is a space where an aspirant should share the reasons and inspiration behind aiming for the desired course in the desired University. It highlights the extracurricular activities and eagerness to study at the University. Your statement can be the best way to make you stand out from the crowd. It is one of the ways to show the selection committee that what makes you who you are. It might be clear by now that a statement of purpose is not confined to grades and GPA. It is meant to showcase your passion, character, your true nature, along with your major accomplishments outside your niche. Don’t shy away from writing about the path to the discovery of yourself. You can explore your creativity, expressivity, and writing skills this way too!


A Statement of Purpose is the most important and the only way besides your grades, to get selected. It means “the all-around work of an individual or entity towards the goal” in the most straightforward sense. It is the form of your narrative for the admission committee. It allows the admission committee to look into your background, personality, and almost everything. It can bend the admission committee into accepting your application.


First and foremost, the selection committee looks for writing skills. The content should be a hundred percent unique and coherent. It should consist of every aspect framed in well-formed paragraphs and presented most concisely. Secondly, make sure you give your truest self the spotlight. Mention what character traits, skills, and abilities make you unique. The selection committee will be interested to know how will you pay back to the community. It is necessary to mention how you will hone your skills and abilities for contributing to the University as well as the society. Be consistent with your SOP. Mention more than grades, marks, and academic performance. We will be discussing more this aspect as we move ahead. Last but not the least, conclude your SOP on a stronger note. A strong start and end are the most crucial parts of any kind of essay. Keep a strong stance from the start of your SOP and conclude on that note. Conclude by mentioning how strongly passionate you are about pursuing the course.


1. It’s time to tell your story! — start your Statement of Purpose with a short paragraph on yourself. Mention what kind of a person you are and the course you are interested to apply for. Don’t forget to mention the intake date you are keen on. Give a brief description of what you will be discussing in your Statement of Purpose ahead.

2. Your source of inspiration- as you move to the next paragraph, specify how you are highly motivated to seek the specific program you have an interest in. Be generous while mentioning a source of inspiration as it will indicate your dedication, sincerity, and overall personality. Make sure you sound different and unique while laying along with keeping relevance to the program.

3. How can you contribute to the University? — this is the section where you are supposed to talk about all your accomplishments, skills possessed, previous work experience (if any). Give a brief description of how specific camps or classes helped you in learning the skills you possess now.

4. Why did you choose to study here? — mention everything that attracts you to your desired University. Steer off a little from the reasons related to the academic area. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not mention anything related to their academic record or the brilliance they provide from an academic point of view. The reasons can be cultural, related to the heritage of the city and University, food, language, anything that you find fascinating.

5. Where do you plan to take your steps ahead? — you are supposed to discuss what you aim to achieve after the degree. Talk about the outline of your plans after the degree and what you plan to learn from the whole experience.

While framing your statement of purpose, it is important to keep three basic rules in mind. They are-

1. Bid Adieu to Plagiarism- A statement of Purpose is supposed to act as a piece of yourself. It is a way of expression for reaching your desired goal. There should be null plagiarism found in it. Any references from external websites and links, generic templates, or any piece written by someone else. Your Statement of Purpose is supposed to be entirely framed by you. Pivot to goals, ambitions, and sources of inspiration that are uniquely yours. Plagiarism is considered an offense from the academic’s point of view while pursuing postgraduate education.

2. Keep the overall flow smooth and clear- clear language along with correct grammar should be used. Your Statement of Purpose should be crystal clear with the points and views you want to express. Providing generic content makes your Statement of Purpose seem similar to others. Hence, it reduces your chances to be selected or even shortlisted by the selection committee. Focus on showcasing extra-curricular achievements as well as your grades/marks history in studies. But this doesn’t mean that you should not focus on showing your real self and the character you possess. The selection committee is usually keen to analyze you as a human on a holistic self.

3. Follow guidelines provided- the guidelines for word count, spacing, format, and font size vary from University to University. The length of the Statement of Purpose is generally one page long, but it can be altered according to the requirements of the Universities. It is necessary to follow these guidelines or rules as it shows how obedient and sincere you are as a student. They also analyze your observation skills; whether you can pay attention to the minute details or not.


Keeping numerous points in mind while writing a Statement of Purpose is difficult and time-consuming for many people. But don’t worry! There’s a solution to this problem too. A Statement of Purpose writing company provides the most professional writers who can structure, frame, and write your Statement of Purpose and charge a nominal fee for the service provided.


SOP writing companies make sure your requirements, views, and important points are considered while framing your SOP. The professional writers are well experienced, efficient, creative, and can think critically according to different situations. Thus, all these qualities make them highly qualified for framing your SOP. These services usually provide on-time delivery with completely original content and commendable content without any typos, grammatical, spelling errors.

Few factors to consider before finalizing any Statement of Purpose writing company-

1. Certification- look for proofs for certification on the official website of the company. Don’t go for an uncertified company as it will hinder the quality of service.

2. The skillset of the professional writers- make sure the professional writers hold significant degrees in this field, as mentioned before.

3. Experience in the field- go for a company that has considerable experience in this field as they provide service and understand the requirements of clients better.

4. Considering previous work samples- ask for previous work samples of the company to make sure the quality of their work and to check whether they meet your requirements or not.

5. Previous reviews- go through clients’ reviews on the company. The reviews can be available on the official website and on search engines too.

6. Fee structure- make sure the fees are nominal and within your budget for you. Try to negotiate if necessary. Don’t forget to set your budget!

7. Communication- try to observe the communication skills of professional writers. Make sure you get on a good note with them and they understand your requirements. They should be receptive to what you need in your SOP.

8. Getting a guarantee- this is necessary for being ensured of receiving a great SOP. The service should be on par according to the paid fees. Hence, being guaranteed is important.


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