Why is Content Marketing Necessary for Your Business?

Bhavik Sarkhedi
4 min readJul 29, 2021

Behind every successful brand, there is great content. Every modern business today needs a marketing powerhouse i.e. content marketing to sustain a healthy online presence and efficiently reach out to its potential audience. Content marketing is the core of a digital marketing strategy that consistently works to build and maintain your business reputation. To garner consumers in this hyper-competitive marketplace, content marketing is no less than a magic wand.

If you would like to explore more about what is content marketing and why it is necessary for businesses in today’s world, keep reading.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most critical long-term digital marketing strategies based on content creation, publication, and distribution to the potential audience. Content marketing primarily relies on creating valuable and relevant content that acknowledges your customer’s queries and intent, and attracts their attention, in an engaging manner. In content marketing, content is served to the audience in distinct forms through blogs, social media, e-books, infographics, and other online tools to spread awareness about your brand. Thus, the content you create increases followership for your brand and generates new traffic.

Why is Content Marketing Necessary?

Now, let’s discover the potential of content marketing and how businesses can leverage it to establish a distinguished brand reputation:

1. Builds brand loyalty:

96% of top content marketers state that content marketing has helped them achieve appreciable trust and credibility among their audience.

Brand loyalty is about establishing an emotional connection with your customers. What kind of experience do you deliver to them and how do they feel about engaging with your products/services. The more content you create and share, the more accustomed your customers become to your business. By continuously being served with valuable, entertaining, and instructive content that relates to them, your customers tend to gain trust and loyalty in your brand. It becomes easier for them to gain faith in your offerings. A mutually rewarding connection is established such that every time customers go online, they prefer to reach out to you.

2. Improves Organic Search Results (SEO) and Visibility:

Businesses consistent in publishing blog posts on their website have a 43% more probability of being indexed by search engines than those who don’t publish at all.

It’s no surprise, to gather information people resort to search engines. Therefore, to grab the attention of your prospects, your business should have a strong online presence and visibility.

Google consistently keeps on upgrading its algorithms, so as long as you keep your content up to date, relevant, informative, and unique, Google will recognize it and reward you with a higher rank in the search results. Additionally, the more content you put on your website, the more pages are likely to be indexed by the search engine to display in search results. Also, more content on the website tends to keep visitors engaged for longer. Thus, if you want to boost your brand’s online visibility, boost your content marketing strategies.

3. Helps showcase your brand’s subject matter expertise:

63% of consumers say that they feel more positive about a brand that serves them valuable, relevant, and interesting content.

Consumers love to associate with brands that hold the expertise and are acquainted with ins and outs of the industry. This is why content marketing is necessary.

It enables you to showcase your brand’s expertise in the segment. By sharing valuable insights through content marketing you get a chance to educate your consumers more about their purchase decisions. With each piece of content, you publish you show your audience how much you are aware of the industry and how you aspire to fulfill their expectations. So, when it comes to purchasing, consumers are likely to trust your brand for its demonstrated expertise and knowledge.

4. Offers Attractive Return on Investment:

Marketers managing blogs are 13 times more probable to generate a positive return on investment.

Content marketing is a driving force to pull in potential customers and convert them into leads. Consistent distribution and publication of content augment traffic to your website and this rise in traffic aids in driving conversions.

These conversions make up your sales funnel. These are the prospects that have chosen to engage with your brand through the content published on your website. With content marketing, you are not only improving the brand’s credibility but also encouraging more and more conversions. By offering valuable information, content marketing impacts each stage of your buyer journey. It converts visitors into leads and then leads into loyal clients. This way, it is a constant process that nurtures leads and subsequently transforms into higher revenue.

5. Helps Foster long-term relationships with customers:

62% of Small and Midsize Businesses state that half of their revenue comes from repeat customers.

Loyal customers are an asset to your business. As repeat sales significantly contribute to your revenue, you need to extend more efforts towards strengthening your relationship with your existing customers. Consider content marketing as a continuous process and continue to deliver great content even after a lead converts into a customer. This will promote repeat sales and will help establish strong brand advocacy in the market.

6. Economical method to generate new leads:

Content marketing accounts for less than 62% of expenditure than other forms of advertising and generates three times higher leads.

If still not convinced and looking for justification on the importance of content, then let me tell you that content marketing is one of the most economical ways to generate new leads for your business. Not only it helps you outperform the competition, but it is quite pocket-friendly too. Contrary to paid ads, it generates three times higher leads for every one dollar spent. Thus, at a fairly low price, it offers an impressive return on investment.

Key Takeaway

From the aforementioned points, it is clear that content marketing is necessary for all businesses. To compete and stand out in today’s landscape; the constant flow of content plays a huge role. It influences buying cycle and opens up opportunities for a business to drive more qualified traffic. All in all, it is your content strategies that will help your business scale up the success ladder.



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